Good Workout Songs For Your Style

I’ve compiled a list of songs that I consider to be good workout songs. I don’t have a set playlist that I listen to every workout. I usually listen to only 2 or 3 songs on repeat each workout depending on my mood. These songs get cycled through and added to the ever-growing list.

I made this site because music influences my motivation heavily. I often dread going to the gym until I turn on some music and I’m instantly ready to go. Sometimes I manage to lift without music but I find that my intensity is on a much lower level than it is when I have headphones on and I can hear nothing else.

One day I decided to search for some new songs to add to my list of possible workout songs; the results were not good. After seeing the suggested song titles I came to two conclusions: 1) Most people are exposed to terrible music and 2) The intensity of most workouts must not extend beyond that of water aerobics. Good workout songs should get you pumped and make you want to run around. Most of the suggested songs I found online would only inspire a mid-workout vomit.


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